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BlueJay is a US-based custom software development company. We are proficient in delivering turnkey Software solutions. Our niche skills cater to the following hot Internet Technology demands:

  • Healthcare Applications to augment care delivery and clinical flows.
  • Automation and digital transformation.
  • User-friendly technology to provide a more intuitive frontend vis-a-vis last-generation websites.
  • Robust backend workflows using modern technologies, handled by people with deep domain experience.
  • Encryption and security of frontend and backend that is fail-proof, scalable, and dependable long-term.
  • We have mastery over all of the above and more because of our team’s decades of experience in the IT industry.

BlueJay: Your Trusted Global IT Partner

To get you the exact business solution you seek, this is how we are organized:


  • Headquartered in the USA, lovingly created to provide trustworthy IT services our team heads are based here and therefore we understand your needs better. No time consuming explanations about the software solutions you are looking at.
  • We have branch offices in India, located in top Metropolitan cities – needless to emphasize, this help in cost cutting and proving you the best packages.
  • Our total employee strength is 50+ specialists in the field.
  • We operate in  6 verticals of expertise and have a cross functional horizontal work structure.


Our home advantage –being located in US, and global resource for optimized delivery, enable us to understand what you need and fulfill the project requirements on defined time line, as per your expectations 

Welcome to BlueJay. We provide Custom Software Solutions and enable Digital Transformation for businesses of all sizes. Get in touch with
us if that’s what you are looking for. We operate in four verticals of expertise with a cross-functional, dynamic work structure, and our digital transformation domain is impeccable. 

We specialize in the development of custom software, encompassing mobile applications and web applications.

Mobile Application: Android, iOS, Kotlin, Flutter, React Native

Web Application: PHP, .NET, JAVA, HTML, CSS, Angular 

CMS: WordPress, SharePoint

Database: SQL, MySQL, MongoDB

Other services: UI/UX Design, Consultation, Dedicated Resource Hiring

Being headquartered in the US gives us a home advantage, but that’s not all. We leverage global resources to optimize delivery and fulfill

project requirements on time. Ready to experience a new level of IT excellence?  Dive into our world and let’s redefine your business
process to reach new heights.

Discover Our Expertise and Services

Custom Software
Digital Transformation
Global Resources
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Services We Offer

Businesses need to sync up quickly to survive and remain competitive. Software is not just an option eanymore – it is the very heart of all operations. Check out our Services Portfolio – you’ll see that we are geared to get you ahead in the game.

Custom Software development

Tailored software solutions to streamline your business operations, boost efficiency, and drive growth.

UI/UX development

Elevate user experiences with our intuitive UI/UX design expertise. Crafted for engagement, satisfaction, and success.

Software consulting

Expert software consultation to align your technology strategy with business goals. Unlock innovation and optimize operations."

Web development

Transforming ideas into dynamic websites. Responsive, user-friendly, and tailored to your needs. Elevate your online presence!

Mobile development

Crafting innovative mobile apps. User-centric, scalable, and cutting-edge. Fuel your business with our app expertise.

eCommerce development

Unlock online success with our Ecommerce expertise. Tailored solutions for seamless shopping experiences and revenue growth.

Digital Transformation

Revitalize your business through strategic digital transformation. Embrace innovation, efficiency, and growth in the digital age.

Hire offshore developer

Expert in software development, cost-effective solutions, global talent pool, flexible collaboration, accelerate projects, and ensure success.


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Enterprise Application is our forte:

Bluejay has an excellent suite of customizable programs in Software Applications geared towards the entire organization. Our team is closely knit and led by professionals with decades of experience in the corporate sector. And we get it; Enterprise Applications are a whole different game. But we know this playing field, and can offer the apt mentoring and services you need to keep your operations running without pressure or risk of breakdowns. 


We can help you:


  • Manage reporting tasks – custom-developed systems, resource planning, governance.
  • Support speed of production process – organization specific, servers, all associated software, entire lifecycle.
  • Optimize workflow – digital assistants, EHR, scheduling, ease of work for your staff, admin solutions.

Our Sucess Stories


Online doctor appointment booking App
Digital assistant for patients to connect virtually with doctors for medical services - Bluejay's healthcare platform was seamlessly integrated into the client’s workflow with expected efficiency – both for the Care-consumer and the Care-provider. is an on-demand, cutting-edge mobile and web-based platform designed to revolutionize how patients schedule and manage doctor appointments. With , you can effortlessly connect with healthcare professionals, find the right specialist, book appointments at your convenience, and connect with doctors through video/voice calls, all from the palm of your hand.


On Demand Car Wash Mobile Application
With Mwash, Bluejay's mission was to design and launch an efficient car-wash service application that provides digital transformation to streamline customer service and augment business growth. The Mwash mobile application empowers car owners to effortlessly arrange appointments for car wash services, whether they prefer the convenience of home service or a visit to the store. Mwash liberates customers from the hassles of waiting in lengthy queues, thereby saving them valuable time. Customers can make on-demand payments for individual services or opt for package deals to ensure regular and efficient car maintenance.


Point Of sale software for restaurant
POS is an end-to-end e-commerce solution. Bluejay’s Point of Sale design was structured to address high customer pressure and stressful peak-hour transactions – a one-stop solution for complete store management. A dynamic digital solution for the pitfalls of manual operations, POS can work in all retail stores. Bluejay's intuitive Software makes billing speedy and smooth, enhancing user experience and staff retention manifold.

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